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  • PVC Coil Welcome Mat
  • PVC Coil Welcome Mat
  • PVC Coil Welcome Mat
PVC Coil Welcome Mat PVC Coil Welcome Mat PVC Coil Welcome Mat

PVC Coil Welcome Mat

[Size cm]: 30x45, 38*58, 40x60, 45*75, 60*80, 60*90, 90*120...
[Features]: Odorless, environmentally friendly, non-slip rubbing soil, fire retardant, flame retardant vacuum [Scope]: Applicable to the entrance of restaurants, companies, homes, and can also be used in bathrooms. [Material]: PVC environmentally friendly high-quality plastic spinning technology [Size]: It can be cut to any size, you can choose the right size according to the size of the doorway of the room Specifications. The product has passed environmental protection certification, and has no harm to the human body and the floor! 【Product advantages】 1: The foot feels good elasticity, the glue is solid, and it has a good lifespan. 2: Using internationally good raw materials and additives, it is not easy to age and fade. 3: The coil has good elasticity, strong ability to scrape and absorb sand, easy to clean, can be washed with water and many other advantages. 5: The cushion surface is flat, which is convenient for the trolley to pass quickly. 6: Washing is also very convenient. Rinse with water and hang it to drip dry. 7: Effective dust removal, shoe polishing, waterproof, non-slip, prevent outdoor dust from entering the company or home 8: Using plastic spinning technology, such tailored carpets are usually placed at the entrance of the house [Freight description]: Since this carpet is an overweight item, it usually goes through logistics. [Special recommendation]: The carpet is easy to clean, wear-resistant, durable, waterproof and odor-resistant, and beautiful. It is the first choice for home decoration, office, shopping mall, and shop front decoration. It is also suitable for hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, elevators and other public places.

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